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have faith in design

Empirical is forever inspired by the role flavor plays in our ability to create and transport experiences. Many of us have spent a significant amount of blood and sweat working in some of the world’s best kitchens with the hope of pushing the boundaries of how we experience food. But Empirical is a newfound approach in bringing together our past and our experiences into something new. The outcome is something that’s democratic and shareable and driven by the journey of creating unique and unexpected flavors. See more about Empirical here.

think about my own creative practice.

The concept of practice is an integral aspect of being human: doing something repeatedly, making errors and learning from them, operating at the edges of your ability, and, most valuable of all, the satisfaction gained from improvement.

Practice is more than just repetition of behavior—it’s a movement of energy that creates a fissure in us to reveal what’s within. More movement, more revelation. Among the many things we discover about ourselves when engaged in the practice of writing or dance or making music is how to live with meaning and intention, which is perhaps the most important discovery of all.

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want to build a house just like this

Tucked into a hillside in Spain, the Ladera House is a concrete lair overlooking the Sierra Nevada. The minimalist volume is made up of two pavilions partially buried into the sloping terrain. Connected by an underground passage, the bedrooms are completely submerged below the ground while the living spaces enjoy views of the scenery. A network of walkways similar to the random movements in underground nests built by termites provides multiple links to the same rooms throughout the exposed cement interior. Although much of the dwelling is enclosed, a large picture window and planted garden roof provide a connection to the outdoors. via uncrate.

think how true this was

The creative life is not linear. It’s not a straight line from point A to point B. It’s more like a loop, or a spiral, in which you keep coming back to a new starting point after every project. No matter how successful you get, no matter what level of achievement you reach, you will never really “arrive.” Other than death, there is no finish line or retirement for the creative person. Forget about the finish line. Do this loop. Then do another. Keep going.

From the ever brilliant Austin Kleon.