want to make her my auntie

as she says: everyone in Duck Mom’s house loves salt ‘n’ pepper everything! Here’s salt n pepper Tofu for you to try. You must use FIRM tofu, not the soft one!

feel hungry for ginger

Hettie McKinnon’s stir-fried lettuce bowl with ginger fried rice and fried egg (but I am holding the fried egg obviously… You can find the recipe here.

buy some

It’s important we support our local businesses at this time. Such a tough time for all industries. I love their vodka and now I cannot wait to use their hand sanitiser. You can buy it here.

so so happy

I just love chickens. For portraits of “Most Beautiful Chickens on the Planet” Capture Their Underrated Beauty click here.


First published in1982 by Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi, The Architecture of Trees is a botanical encyclopedia for designers, architects, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Each one is featured with and without foliage and includes a table of seasonal color variations as well as a depiction of the shadows cast throughout the day and season. The labor of love took the two Italian designers 20 years to complete and this gorgeous re-issue is the book’s first English-language volume. Click here for more.

happy to be involved

“The role of grass roots footy has always been to bring people together. In a world where technology, urban growth and the pace of life have led to people feeling more isolated than ever before, there’s never been a bigger need for this role in the Perth community”.